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The voluntary interruption of a routine activity, usually understood to mean work
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At the end of my second year at Hampton, by the help of some money sent me by my mother and brother John, supplemented by a small gift from one of the teachers at Hampton, I was enabled to return to my home in Malden, West Virginia, to spend my vacation. When I reached home I found that the salt-furnaces were not running, and that the coal-mine was not being operated on account of the miners being out on "strike." This was something which, it seemed, usually occurred whenever the men got two or three months ahead in their savings.
Before the end of the vacation she gave me some work, and this, together with work in a coal-mine at some distance from my home, enabled me to earn a little money.
Guster is busy in the little drawing-room on this present afternoon in the long vacation, when Mr.
On the present evening of the long vacation, in Cook's Court, Cursitor Street, he does such a powerful stroke of business that the warehouse appears to be quite full when the works cease.
Guppy, who has an inquiring mind in matters of evidence and who has been suffering severely from the lassitude of the long vacation, takes that interest in the case that he enters on a regular cross- examination of the witness, which is found so interesting by the ladies that Mrs.
Jo moves on, through the long vacation, down to Blackfriars Bridge, where he finds a baking stony corner wherein to settle to his repast.
"I never enjoyed housekeeping, and I'm going to take a vacation today, and read, write, go visiting, and amuse myself."
In this connected age, people have different definitions for vacation or different strategies for how they go about taking time away from work.
In addition, the study found that even though people tend to gain weight during vacations, they also take part in less physical activity in the weeks following a vacation.
The innovative vacation club opened for sales in June 2014, offering a premier family-friendly hotel experience.
For it to be a fantastic vacation, you have to invent the place where you will go and imagine the things that you will wear, eat and do.
But despite the benefits of taking time off work, the survey found that vacation deprivation--defined as not having enough vacation time or not using some or all of one's vacation allotment--is creeping upward this year.