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Esto se puede observar en la figura 7, correspondiente a una castellanohablante que tiene el quechua como segunda lengua; aqui se nota con claridad la manera discontinua en que realizan las vocales [-bajo] del quechua: las que se encuentran en contexto de una consonante uvular corresponden grosso modo a los fonemas /e, o/ del castellano y las que aparecen en los demas contextos, a los fonemas /i, u/ de esta lengua.
Too much of a good thing: uvular trauma caused by overzealous suctioning.
UA narrowing was followed by tonsillar enlargement, uvular enlargement and tongue enlargement.
Additional clinical manifestations of EERD include laryngeal, pharyngeal irritation, and swelling, as well as palatal and uvular edema; however, these may appear normal because cells of the oral mucosa repair quickly (Brodsky & Cart, 2006).
Timmis regards himself as a highly analytical learner, and initially used a self-study tape to revise French vowel sounds and distinctive consonants such as the uvular fricative 'r'.
En Jaen se produce el efecto contrario; es decir, la pronunciacion de la "j" como uvular vibrante sorda.
Los simbolos utilizados que necesitan aclaracion son: ' = oclusiva glotal, x = fricativa uvular sonora, y = fricativa palatal sonora, y = aproximante palatal.
O tepe possui um alofone, a vibrante, e a fricativa velar possui o alofone fricativa uvular.
Examination revealed the presence of a left peritonsillar bulge with purple discoloration of the anterior tonsillar pillar and asymmetric uvular elevation.
Some of the more commonly cited and noticed aspects of PRS are phonological, such as: minimal distinction between /l/ and /r/, final /s/ deletion, and using a uvular /x/ in the place of a traditionally trilled r sound in a word like arroz, which could be pronounced as [a:xo] (Nash 1977; Hochberg 1986).
Other unfamiliar phonemes also suggest word breaks: ejectives in (f and 1), and an aspirated uvular in (j).
Uvular r-sounds have a high third formant, sometimes close to the fourth formant.