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3% were reported in clitoris and less than 1% were reported in labia, mons pubis, uvula and neck.
Con la uvula elongada aparentemente si hay asociacion, ya que estuvo presente en el 52,3 % de los pacientes con SAHOS y solo en el 33,3 % de los pacientes sin SAHOS.
He illuminates underpinnings, pointing out the existence of things like Shrek's precisely thrumming uvula, the one that mathematicians have placed there but that moviegoers will never, ever see.
Now not even Monteverdi's throbbing uvula diverts despair.
Clinical examination of his oropharynx combined with flexible fibroscopy showed an elongated swollen uvula with ulcerations and diffuse fibrinous spots.
If the palate or uvula is very long then these structures can vibrate and cause snoring.
Symptoms include itching of the lips and mouth and swelling of the lips, tongue and uvula.
Dr Miriam says: There are lots of causes of snoring including small or collapsing nostrils, nasal polyps and floppy tissue at the back of the throat - such as the uvula - which blocks the upper passages during sleep.
It's a hardy perennial member of the lily family, Latin name uvularia, named after the uvula, the little piece of flesh that hangs down the back of your throat and flaps when you snore.