A transmembrane protein that links plasma membranes of adjacent cells together in a Ca2+-dependent manner; aids in maintaining the rigidity of the cell layer.
Synonym(s): E-cadherin
[L. uva, bunch of grapes, + Mod. L. morula, dim. of L. morum, fr. G. moron, mulberry, + -in]
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A gene on chromosome 16q22.1 that encodes a calcium-dependent cell–cell adhesion glycoprotein (cadherin), which is involved in regulating cell–cell adhesions, mobility and proliferation of epithelial cells.

Molecular pathology
CDH1 loss-of-function mutations correlate with gastric, breast, colorectal, thyroid and ovarian cancer, and they are thought to contribute to cancer progression by increasing proliferation, invasion and/or metastasis. CDH1 mutation causes hereditary diffuse gastric cancer and an increased susceptibility to endometrial and ovarian cancers.
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The cytoplasmic domain of the cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin associates with three independent proteins structurally related in different species.
At compaction a glycoprotein called "uvomorulin," which was being synthesized since the two-cell stage, and which had hitherto been evenly distributed on the cells' membranes, migrates to those areas on the membrane that are in contact with adjacent blastomeres.
Alterations in the expression of uvomorulin and Na+, and K+ adenosine triphosphate during mouse skin tumor progression.