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In biomedical ethics and clinical decision analysis, the satisfaction or economic advantage gained from the outcome that results from a particular decision.
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Additionally, utilities were allowed to charge their customers a "competitive transition charge," which almost offset the 10 percent rate cut and allowed them to recoup their "stranded costs," a euphemism for stupid investments in inefficient plants often made at the behest of regulators.
This also is true for utilities that accounted for nuclear decommissioning costs exclusively as a liability.
The group that can't compete is made up of big utilities with large "stranded costs" from burdensome investments, especially in nuclear plants.
Large public power projects meant cheaper electricity: the TVA's rate was half that of private utilities in the region.
Some utilities have been giving away allowances to charity; Northeast Utilities of Connecticut, for instance, donated 10,000 to the American Lung Association in 1993.
Utilities should consider impact studies and expert testimony on Statement no.
As a whole, electric utilities have not had stellar earnings or dividends this year.
Utilities gain an economical, flexible and environmentally beneficial solution to improve power management and delivery.
Hundreds of utilities and wholesale power producers buy and sell electricity over the superhighway every day, in an increasingly competitive wholesale market.
Most file-recovery utilities also can evaluate both the physical and data integrity of a disk without disturbing data already on the disk.
Richard Mathews, Mincom Chief Executive Officer, said, "The acquisition of Conversant's business opens up many opportunities for our utilities customers.
By installing Itron's automated solid-state metering technology, Sacramento Municipal Utility District joins a growing number of utilities that are putting into place a system that will enable operational efficiencies," said Malcolm Unsworth, senior vice president of Itron's hardware solutions.