uterus unicornis

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u·ni·corn u·ter·us

a uterus in which only one lateral half exists, the other half being undeveloped or absent.
Synonym(s): uterus unicornis

uterus unicornis

A uterus possessing only one lateral half and usually having only one uterine tube. About 20% to 30% of women who have this structural abnormality also experience repeated spontaneous abortion during early pregnancy.
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the hollow muscular organ in female mammals in which the fertilized ovum normally becomes embedded and in which the developing embryo and fetus is nourished. It is composed of two horns, a body and a cervix; the cervix opens caudally into the vagina. Two uterine tubes enter the uterus at the upper end, one on each side. The walls of the uterus are composed of muscle; its lining is mucous membrane. The muscular substance of the uterus is called the myometrium; the inner lining is called endometrium.

uterus didelphys, duplex uterus
complete duplication of the cervix and uterus.
uterus masculinus
see müllerian duct.
simple uterus
a uterus with a single large body, two small horns, and a single cervix as found in primates.
uterus unicornis
one horn, except usually for its apex, is completely missing because of a developmental defect.