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pertaining to the bladder and uterus.
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Relating to the uterus and the urinary bladder.
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* hypervascularity of the uterovesical or uteroplacental interface.
And what constitutes an abnormal uterovesical interface?
we evaluate the uterovesical interface on transvaginal grayscale and color Doppler US in a midline sagittal view, in which the bladder wall is seen as a hyperechoic band between the uterine serosa and bladder lumen.
we apply color Doppler US to the retroplacental-myometrial interface and the uterovesical interface to evaluate for abnormal subplacental and uterovesical hypervascularity, defined subjectively by the presence of striking amount of color Doppler US signals in the placental bed, with numerous, closely packed, tortuous vessels demonstrating multidirectional flow and aliasing artifact.
Most of the fistulae in the uterus are uterovesical or uterocolonic.
Our patient with this anomaly had the typical clinical picture consisting of primary amenorrhea and cyclic lower abdominal pain, but she was different from previously reported cases in that she had an uterovesical fistula and a pelvic kidney.
The present case is unique, as cervical agenesis per se is an extremely rare anomaly, and, to the best of our knowledge, association with uterovesical fistula and a pelvic kidney has never been reported in the literature.
He tied an intracorporeal knot inferiorly, trimmed the suture edges, and covered the suture with the uterovesical peritoneum.
Procedure done: Uterovesical fold pushed down, myometrium on the scar region given away with minimal touching, with placenta just underneath.
Conservative management of a traumatic uterovesical fistula (‘Youssef's syndrome').