uteroperitoneal fistula

u·ter·o·per·i·to·ne·al fis·tu·la

a fistulous passage connecting the cavity of the uterus with the peritoneal cavity.
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6 It is subdivided in to two groups based on Studdiford Criteria;7 a) primary abdominal pregnancy characterized by, i) normal fallopian tubes and ovaries with no evidence of recent or past pregnancy, ii) no evidence of uteroperitoneal fistula, iii) The pregnancy exclusively related to peritoneal surfaces; b) secondary abdominal pregnancy in which there is evidence of tubal rupture or tubal abortion with secondary implantation.
sup][9] In 1968, Friedrich and Rankin presented modified diagnostic criteria including: (1) Implantation only in peritoneal territory and histologic gestational age should be younger than 12 weeks; (2) intact ovaries and tubes; and (3) absent evidence of uteroperitoneal fistula.
2) Other terms for cesarean scar defect include a niche, isthmocele, uteroperitoneal fistula, and diverticulum.