Relating to the uterus and the pelvis.
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The decision to fully remove the soft protein matrix was made to prevent obstruction of the ureter and uteropelvic junction by the multiple fragments that were floating in the calyceal diverticulum, renal pelvis, and ureter.
(4,28) Grade V parenchymal injuries, uteropelvic junction avulsions or complete avulsion of the fornices require operative management.
(51) When the ureter is damaged from blunt trauma, injury most commonly occurs at the uteropelvic junction, where the ureter attaches to the bladder.
Blunt avulsion of the ureter or uteropelvic junction is treated with limited debridement of viable tissue.
* Acute hydronephrosis secondary to uteropelvic junction obstruction.
2.: An intravenous pyelography with nephrotomography showing right-sided pelvicaliectasis with abrupt narrowing of the uteropelvic junction on the right with no obstructing mass seen.