uterine sound


A graduated sound used to measure the depth of the uterine cavity.
[hystero- + G. metron, measure]
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The size of the uterus was confirmed with uterine sound. Then, the posterior vaginal wall was retracted with Sim's speculum, anterior cervical lip was held with Vulsellum, and Mirena(r) was inserted into uterine cavity.
* Sims' speculum, vulsellum, uterine sound, Hegar's dilators, metal cannula, 1% methylene blue, solution, uterine sound, Witoon's uterine manipulator.
Never force the uterine sound or insertion tube through the cervix; if necessary, stop and dilate the cervical canal.
Tenaculum use and use of uterine sound for cavity depth were recommended steps eliminated by 30% and 20% of respondents, respectively.
The main purpose of this study is to determine the number of aerobic microorganisms found in the uterine sound instruments used in intrauterine device insertion among three selected Barangay Health Centers in Iligan City before and after sterilization.
In difficult cases a uterine sound or endocervical speculum can be used to remove the device from endocervical canal.
(1) A 100-mm visual analog scale (VAS) was used to assess pain at each step of the procedure, including at baseline (before speculum insertion), after speculum placement, tenaculum placement, uterine sound, IUD insertion, and 5 minutes after speculum removal.
Diagnosis can be made by uterine sound. It can be confused with inversion due to pedunculated tumor, one should be very careful while making a diagnosis because the treatment is different, so if overlooked the result can be disastrous.
A uterine sound was used to measure the length and direction of the uterine cavity.