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Assumption of pacemaker function of the heart by a subsidiary focus as a result of its own increased automaticity; for example, accelerated junctional pacemaker takes command when it exceeds the sinus rate.
[L. usurpo, pp. -atus, to seize]
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Ershad promptly accepted the verdict, but confidently said there is no law to try an usurper.
Exactly as if he had been doing so for weeks, or, rather, as if he had actually become Boehlmer--the Usurper walked over and sat down next to Pauline Bensmiala, the actress playing the role of the second prostitute--a role, it might be noted, that is somewhat more developed than that of the first prostitute, played by Annie Soulemenov.
On the upper level we see the usurper Grimoaldo in torment because of his vain pursuit of Rodelinda.
He concluded by saying, "O God, use your might to take revenge against the usurper Jews.
Woodhull became a text that was read, and her contemporaries interpreted her variously, as a usurper of masculine space, dress, and behavior, as a symbol of a coming apocalypse, and as an embodiment of the promise of a new progressive age.
Who cannot see an ersatz share-holder value-swashbuckler in his rendering of that cunning, treacherous usurper, who, in a stage aside, delivers his soliloquy: "Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous, by drunken prophecies, libels and dreams, to set my brother Clarence and the king.
He received adulation "like a Roman emperor" and contested LBJ as a usurper of his place.
Freeserve from Dixons Group Plc, AOL's usurper as largest UK ISP, redefined internet access by offering it subscription-free and covering costs with a slice of dial-up call revenues.
After the fall of Madero and his vice president, the yucateco politician Pino Suarez, whose neo-porfirista governing style and socially conservative reformism alienated both elite and popular groups, the still dominant plantocracy (henequen production and prices remained healthy throughout most of the period) struck a social pact with the usurper Victoriano Huerta to fend off a widening of popular rebellion.
Ardolino also shows how the Protestant reading of the Book of Revelation might allow Kyd's audience to see Hieronimo not as a usurper of God's role but rather as a divine instrument in the struggle against the Antichrist.
first reconstructs the series of events from the initial episode of controversy in 380 at the episcopal council at Saragossa to the denouement around 386, when Priscillian and some followers were executed at Trier by order of the usurper Magnus Maximus.
Based only tenuously on the Aeneid, or rather on some of the characters in the poem's last cantos, it is the story of a heroic woman's attempts to regain a crown held by a usurper.