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Assumption of pacemaker function of the heart by a subsidiary focus as a result of its own increased automaticity; for example, accelerated junctional pacemaker takes command when it exceeds the sinus rate.
[L. usurpo, pp. -atus, to seize]
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The third (regarding hierarchy) derives primarily from the usurpation sequence, in which internal social order is disrupted.
Thus, in the usurpation sequence, the usurper violates social law (e.
In sum, the political function of the heroic plot is enabled by a lining up of norms with the ruler and the home society; the construal of usurpation and foreign attack as pure, historyless origins; and the determination of a providential, all-resolving conclusion.
Many of Shakespeare's plays clearly instantiate the prototypical structure just discussed, manifesting usurpation and invasion sequences.
One is his intriguing characterization of figures seeking a change in power (whether through usurpation or restoration) as suicidal.
7) Thus Shakespeare's plays rarely present either usurpation or war as having an absolute and singular origin.
The reasons for both usurpation and restoration are, most often, partially convincing, and partially unconvincing.
Henry V is an invasion narrative interrupted by a brief and unsuccessful usurpation.
The usurpation sequence follows, with the rebels characterized as "inhuman" (II.
Shakespeare's play about the most famous Roman ruler takes up the standard heroic structure, including both the usurpation and invasion sequences, though with some twists.