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Assumption of pacemaker function of the heart by a subsidiary focus as a result of its own increased automaticity; for example, accelerated junctional pacemaker takes command when it exceeds the sinus rate.
[L. usurpo, pp. -atus, to seize]
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FOR ANYONE WHO maintains the essential good of mankind, ``Gulag'' decisively explodes that myth, representing a gruesomely sobering documentary in which Joseph Stalin makes a posthumous bid to usurp from Adolf Hitler the title of the 20th century's most barbarous dictator.
Such data tracks can be used by Spyware programs, or by anyone with access to a PC, to usurp personal information.
The unspoken fear in the land of the five rings is that snowboarding someday might, gasp, usurp skiing's status atop the heap of mountain sports.
It is therefore improbable that there should exist a disposition in the Federal councils to usurp the powers with which they are connected; because the attempt to exercise those powers would be as troublesome as they would be nugatory; and the possession of them, for that reason would contribute nothing to the dignity, to the importance, or to the splendor of the national government.
should not expect to receive a better offer in Appeals than that offered under this settlement initiative," the IRS seemingly usurps the authority of Appeals to assess (and the right of taxpayers to have Appeals assess) the merits of cases.
Far from complementing Congress's voluntary incentive scheme, the Pediatric Rule usurps it by superimposing an often-incompatible regime.
The cross-dressed Estela usurps phallic power, sadistically submitting her admirer to questioning as she delays the revelation of her identity.
Presently, congress grass is known only lot its negative attributes as a hardy weed that thrives in almost all climatic conditions and usurps every piece of marginal land.
The find usurps the title of Kuiper belt king from another recently discovered resident, 20000 Varuna, which measures 900 km across.
This is the institution that usurps economic sovereignty from Third World countries.
He believes the New Jersey decision is wrong because it usurps the owner's right to private property.