usual fee

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usual fee,

n the fee that an individual dental professional most frequently charges for a given dental service. See also customary fee and reasonable fee.
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Luckily, kindly Tom waived some of his usual fee, so the film could go ahead.
The usual fee for such a transaction is pounds 25, but Mr Scott told them that, as they were valued clients, he was happy to waive the fee.
COVENTRY accountants Pilley & Florsham are warning local businesses to watch out for the latest Internet scam - offers to register domain names similar to theirs at about 10 times the usual fee.
Paynes Solicitors, based in King Street is taking part in Will Aid all this month, waiving their usual fee for making a simple will.
The designers had waived their usual fee, hoping the gown would feature in a celebrity magazine.
Each is awarded one-fifth his usual fee, and one-fifth of the information he needs to complete his new assignment.
Paynes Solicitors, of in King Street, Bedworth, is taking part in Will Aid this month, waiving its usual fee for making a simple will.
Celtic have waived the usual fee for testimonials to maximise Kelly's chances of raising a huge sum for cancer
There will be no charge to the job seeker other than the usual fee to go on line.
I control the finances of a local club where artists for New Year's Eve 1999 are asking up to six times their usual fee for three hours on stage.
Barnett has waived the usual fee for customers to use a non-Barnett ATM.
The Red Arrows will perform a fly-past at less than their usual fee with 16 Red Devils parachuting into the arena at cut-price rates.