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Herbal medicine
Any of a family of lichens that contain usnic acid, which is believed to have antibacterial, immune stimulatory and muscle relaxing activity. Lichens are used topically for athlete’s foot and skin ulcers; as a douche for vaginal infections; and internally for colds, flu, sore throat and gastrointestinal, respiratory and urinary tract infections.

It should not be used in pregnancy, as it stimulates uterine contraction.

usnea (usˑ·nē·),

n Latin name:
Usnea barbata; part used: entire lichen; uses: common cold, cough, sore throat, infection, an antibiotic; precautions: pregnancy, lactation. Also known as
old man's beard.
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Further nesting information for this species will help establish the generality of the data reported here, including the association with Puya bromeliads also seen amongst closely related tyrannids and the exclusive use of Usnea lichen as a nest lining material.
crenulatella, Caloplaca subsoluta, Candelariella aurella, Punctelia missouriensis, Usnea strigosa subsp.
Used topically, Usnea will kill germs, fungus and molds, and internally it will fight conditions such as bronchitis, and urinary tract infections.
A distinct southern element is formed by the species of Usnea sect.
Beauty Ingredients: Amaranth seed C02 extract (organic), black cumin seed C02 extract (organic), ginger C02 extract (organic), guggul C02 extract, marigold flower C02 extract (organic), pomegranate seed C02 extract (organic), rosemary antioxidant C02 extract (organic), sea buckthorn C02 extract (organic), usnea lichen C02 extract, Vanilla C02 extract (organic)
The nest cup, constructed mostly of dry pine needles, beard lichen (probably Usnea sp.
After giving a quick rundown on legal rights, co-organizer Brian Sloan of Portland and the barefoot woman, who gave the name Usnea and said she lived "in Cascadia," taught the group a chant to help remember: "I would like to remain silent, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh; I would like to see my lawyer, oh yeah, oh yeah.
So at the first sign of the flu, I took everything I've told you about including MycoPhyto Complex for my immune system and Usnea for my lungs.
38) For example, in discussing the important ingredient of usnea or moss scraped from a human skull, Van Helmont suggested that one head would be as good as another: "For if a Jesuit, being put to death by hanging or another kind of martyrdom, is left in a position to receive the influence and obedience of the stars, his head, like the skull of a thief, will yield a crop of moss, equivalent in use, equally ripe.
Usnea sphacelata, its role in the vegetation and its possible growth capacity on Bailey Peninsula, Wilkes Land.