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As used in British medicine, a consumer of healthcare or social services
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noun A person who uses a thing. See Authorized user, Individual user.
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Q. what is ADD? one of the users mentioned here the ADD.. i am all confused .. what is that?

A. ADD and ADHD are almsot the same disorders- except that ADD means only Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD has a component of hyperactivity also. Both are the same in the means of diagnosing- children with problems in concentrating, focusing on one task and following orders etc.

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Vietnam has fifth highest Facebook users followed by Thailand.
Denali FUND Basecamp Package Single user $1,999 for full license; Pay-as-you-go $85/month; $40/month each additional user Ascent Package Single user, $2,999 for full license; Pay-as-you-go $125/month; $40/month each additional user Summit Package Single user, $4,999 for full license; Pay-as-you-go $210/month; $40/month each additional user 800-388-3038
Trust data are trust statements made by one user about another.
The technological design of this repository relies on information retrieval with case-based reasoning (CBR), which means that the users can search for cases that are either identical or similar to the desired criteria.
(A gateway machine exists on each network, allowing access to the Internet and essentially serving to relay data from a LAN to the Internet.) Thus, by telling a user's machine that the data thief's machine is the gateway, the former will send all of its Internet-destined data to the latter's machine.
A new doorway was created to directly connect and improve communication between Lab users and support staff.
With the objective of protecting the personal information of internet users from the phishing scams expected to increase in Japan, NTT Comware will expand its sales of this solution to financial institutions beginning with banks and has set a sales target of 600,000,000 Yen for the three-year period beginning from April 2006.
"This will help you better manage your virtual assets and avoid shutting down a server and unintentionally impacting more users or applications than you expected."
* Phase View -- allows users viewers to bring up larger vertical views of the IFC to more clearly read elements from that perspective.
Two hundred thousand people may not seem like many for a site gaining 250,000 new users per day.
Ubit is one of the trail-blazers in making the mobile experience seamless--both at the user end and the back end.
Spyware Defense guards PCs from infection caused by malicious code downloaded without the users' knowledge while surfing the Internet, receiving email or downloading freeware or shareware programs including peer-to-peer file swapping products.