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As used in British medicine, a consumer of healthcare or social services


noun A person who uses a thing. See Authorized user, Individual user.

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Q. what is ADD? one of the users mentioned here the ADD.. i am all confused .. what is that?

A. ADD and ADHD are almsot the same disorders- except that ADD means only Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD has a component of hyperactivity also. Both are the same in the means of diagnosing- children with problems in concentrating, focusing on one task and following orders etc.

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When a second NAS box is added, the administrator must once again set up network shares and inform users of its existence so that they can mount/map to it.
Remote access makes the user feel like the remotely accessible resources are local.
Once connected, users usually answer a series of questions about their identities to verify their need to use the system, and some BBS operators require users to pay a fee.
Regardless of where the user is or the time of the disk failure, the notebook hard drive can be quickly and easily swapped with the backup solution's hard drive containing the user's backed up partitions, applications, and files.
During the observation hour, every user who approached the reference desk and spoke to the reference librarian(s) was noted.
Asking desktop end users to make records management decisions, in effect, makes every user a records manager.
And for those companies that have formal backup procedures for their laptop users, much of the responsibility for performing the backups falls on the users themselves.
Changes are color coded by user, and when you rest the pointer over a colored cell, the cell displays the name of the author, the time of the change and the original and changed value of the cell.
One in eighteen users used any Boolean capabilities and, of the users employing them, every second user made a mistake, as defined by Excite rules.
The program includes an online tutorial to help users learn how to use the program and to understand the scoring system.