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Relating to or marked by urticaria.
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, urticarious (ŭr'ti-kar'ē-ăl, -kar'ē-ŭs)
Relating to or marked by urticaria.
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(ŭr″tĭ-kā′rē-ăl) [L. urtica, nettle]
Pert. to urticaria.
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Patient discussion about urticarial

Q. What caused my hives? I woke up this morning and saw that all my back and chest are covered in hives. How did this suddenly appear? What caused it?

A. Urticaria (hives) is generally an allergic reaction, or an immune response to food or some other allergen, but can also appear for other reasons, notably emotional stress.

Q. I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria. What is the reason for this condition? I was diagnosed with chronic urticaria last week after more than two months of urticaria (I have more than twenty 1 dollar coin area no my trunk that are red swollen and itchy). when I was younger I had a similar reaction too a bee sting and I was treated with an adrenalin shoot. Since that one time I never suffered from this kind of symptoms till two months ago. What can be the reason for this condition?

A. As was said before chronic urticaria is a symptom of many problems. I once took NSAIDs for knee pain and I started to itch myself. It took my doctor 3 weeks to understand that I was allergic to this specific drug. I also know that tomatoes can cause me an allergic reaction. Try to think is there anything new in your life? Tell it to the GP maybe he will be able to tell you if this is the reason for your symptoms.

Q. hpv Can i get pregnant

A. You can get pregnant you just need to tell your doctor whats going on so he can keep an eye on the issue.

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By consecutive sampling, 104 patients with history of urticarial lesions of > 6 weeks were included in this study.
Hepatotoxicity developed in 1 patient and complication due to NAC therapy (urticarial reaction) was observed in 1 patient.22 Karaman et al.
Abbreviations AE: Angioedema InH-AAE: Idiopathic nonhistaminergic acquired angioedema AE-QoL: Angioedema quality of life score C1-INH: C1-esterase inhibitor TA: Tranexamic acid CSU: Chronic spontaneous urticarial FceRI: High affinity immunoglobulin E receptors.
Caption: Figure 1: Urticarial rash on the back (a) and side of the torso (b).
It is characterised by the presence of urticarial rash, recurrent fever, arthritis/arthralgia, and enlarged lymph nodes.
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Case 1: Nadja, age 36, has been suffering for more than a year from an urticarial rash in the face and upper-body region.
Maurice McDonald The swollen eye and raised fur blotches sound like an urticarial reaction.
Examination revealed a febrile ill child with cervical lymphadenopathy and urticarial rash over the body which changed in the distribution with fever spikes (Figure 1).
Schnitzler's syndrome is an uncommon disorder characterized by urticarial rash and monoclonal gammopathy.
Various clinical signs such as pyrexia, occasional shivering, inappetence, urticarial swelling, lethargy, going down in condition and edema of pads were observed in few cases.