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n. pl. urosto·mies
Surgical construction of an artificial excretory opening from the urinary tract.
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Urinary ostomy Gynecology The creation of an artificial opening for elimination of urine due to loss of bladder or bladder function, necessitated by birth defects, bladder CA, injury or nerve damage. See Ostomy Urology
1. An operation to create a new conduit for the passage of urine.
2. The conduit itself. See Ileal stoma.
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Surgically created opening in the abdominal wall that diverts urine away from the bladder and into a collecting device outside the body.
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A diversion of the urinary flow away from the bladder, resulting in output through the abdominal wall. The most common method involves use of a portion of intestine to conduct the urine out through the abdomen and into an external pouch worn for urine collection.
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Urostomies can be formed by two methods: noncontinent and continent diversions.
There are several types of urostomies. Ileal and colon conduits are the most common types.
Some procedures, called "continent urostomies," create an internal pouch from a patient's intestine.