urorectal septum

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ur·o·rec·tal sep·tum

in embryos, a partition dividing the cloaca into a dorsal, rectal portion and a ventral portion called the urogenital sinus; reaching the cloacal membrane at about the time of its disintegration, the urorectal septum divides the cloacal exit into an anal and a urogenital orifice.
Synonym(s): urorectal fold
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This tube is di- vided into rectum and bladder at around 5th weeks of gestation by a caudal proliferation of mesoderm the urorectal septum. The walls of the anterior por-
Septation of this by the urorectal septum and Rathke's folds gives rise to the urogenital sinus (UGS), the cranial part of which gives rise the bladder.
Normally, as a baby grows inside the womb, the bladder and the urinary system separate from the bowel and the gastrointestinal system to form two separate systems by formation a urorectal septum.