uroporphyrin I

ur·o·por·phy·rin I

porphin-1,3,5,7-tetraacetic acid-2,4,6,8-tetrapropionic acid; formed by the action of light on uroporphyrinogen I; elevated levels observed in certain porphyrias.
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The results for these patients were normal or showed modest increases of uroporphyrin I and III and heptacarboxyl porphyrin (Table 1 and Fig.
We found a greater increase of plasma uroporphyrin I compared with uroporphyrin III in renal failure, similar to the reports of Seubert et al.
In the present three patients, the origin of the fecal uroporphyrin is presumably from nonenzymatic condensation ofPBG.
The source of the uroporphyrin is probably the nonenzymatic condensation of PBG produced during the acute attack and excreted into the bile.