A plasma membrane protein complex on urinary bladder epithelial cells.
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Placental S100, uroplakin 2, and uroplakin 3 are other emerging urothelial markers.
Immunohistochemical study revealed total loss of INI-1 expression (figure 4); positive staining of vimentin (figure 5), panCK (figure 6), CK19 (figure 7), and PAX8; and negative staining of CK7, CK20, p63, uroplakin, CD 10, and 34BE12 (figure 8).
2 In addition, ovarian TCCs are negative for CK20, Thrombomodulin (TM) and uroplakin III, which are the antigens that are usually (CK20) or sometimes (TM and uroplakin III) detected in bladder TCCs.
The cells expressed a very unique protein and marker of bladder cells called uroplakin, which makes the bladder impermeable to toxins in the urine.
Focal uroplakin III staining was found in 6 of 12 tumours (50%).
Kerr, then at the Agriculture Department, attached the genetic sequence for human growth hormone to the uroplakin gene promoter, which controls where and when the gene switches on.
5) Metastases from the urinary tract express thrombomodulin, uroplakin III, CK7 and CK20.
We also produced anti-human uroplakin Ia antibody and showed its usefulness as a specific histologic marker because of its stable expression even in metastatic lesions (25).