urologic disorder

urologic disorder

Any condition affecting the kidneys, often understood to be of the collecting tubules and southward. Cf Kidney disease.
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Q. Has anyone ever had Epididymitis? I was just diagnosed with it and want to know what to expect. Thanks

A. i had an ultrasound done once before,it revealed nothing was wrong,then i had a lower gi,it also showed nothing,at the present moment,my testicules are swollen a little,
slight pain,tenderness,problems with urination,and not
urinating very often,feel as if i"m not completing my
urination,feels like i have a bladder infection,with
an epididymis infection,this makes the 7th time i"ve
had this,i"d like to know why i keep getting it??? and
will it ever stay away??? is there a complete cure?
would a vasecemy cure it???

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tablet of Ditropan XL (oxhutynin chloride), a new dosage of the first once-daily treatment for overactive bladder, a common and chronic urologic disorder that affects about 17 million Americans.
This pocket handbook summarizes the diagnosis and treatment of all major urologic disorders and conditions in infants, children, and adolescents.
Rising prevalence of urologic disorders mainly urinary incontinence and urinary tract infection among men and women has increased the annual medical expenditure globally.
The hospital previously used an earlier version of the machine to operate on urologic disorders. However, the updated version allows it to be used in gynecology field.
The Centers will offer the array of advanced technologies and therapies to treat the range of urologic disorders and diseases afflicting women and men.
"77 per cent of the medicines which are being cut in price will include those for the central nervous system, 8 per cent for obstetrical and gynaecological diseases and urologic disorders, 5 per cent for lethal diseases and immune system depression, 4 per cent for ear, nose, and throat diseases, nutritional medicines and blood disorders, and 1 per cent for immune system disorders, vaccines and eye care," he said.
"At our Department of Urology, we expertly evaluate and treat the entire spectrum of adult and paediatric urologic disorders. We provide compassionate, cost-effective, skilful and innovative care to all patients," he added.
Specific topics include: prevention of childhood injuries, meningitis, parasitic and fungal infections, allergies, blood and circulatory disorders, kidney and urologic disorders, respiratory and lung conditions, skin conditions, autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, developmental delay, stuttering, and bipolar disorder.
The resurgence of interest in creatinine assays reminded an old editor here of a treasured book on urologic disorders. The excerpt below describes a method to measure creatinine in urine.
Since its founding in 1984, Watson has entered the branded drug market, offering more than 20 product lines for such conditions as urologic disorders and iron deficiencies.
The Division of Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Diseases of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) has a longstanding and substantial interest in research concerning the prevention and treatment of kidney or urologic disorders. This program announcement is a reissuance of PAR-04-065, and specifically encourages the submission of applications for pilot and feasibility clinical and translational research studies, including clinical trials, and epidemiologic studies, related to kidney or urologic disease research that address important clinical and translational questions and are potentially of high impact.
"He is committed to moving on an agenda to foster greater public awareness about the impact kidney and urologic disorders."