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, urological (yūr'ō-loj'ik, i-kăl),
Relating to urology.


Etymology: Gk, ouron, urine, logos, science
pertaining to the scientific study of the urinary tract.


, urological (yūr'ŏ-loj'ik, -i-kăl)
Relating to urology.

Patient discussion about urologic

Q. Should I do surgery for varicoceles? I went to an urologist and he recommended surgery, but I don’t know if I should do this…is it dangerous? Can I live with the varicocele?

A. I don’t see your problem, you said an urologist advised you to do so- that should be enough no? if you don’t trust him, go and get a second opinion. The surgery is not that bad, an hour later and you are walking out. Vary small risk of complication. I did it and it was fine.

Q. Has anyone ever had Epididymitis? I was just diagnosed with it and want to know what to expect. Thanks

A. i had an ultrasound done once before,it revealed nothing was wrong,then i had a lower gi,it also showed nothing,at the present moment,my testicules are swollen a little,
slight pain,tenderness,problems with urination,and not
urinating very often,feel as if i"m not completing my
urination,feels like i have a bladder infection,with
an epididymis infection,this makes the 7th time i"ve
had this,i"d like to know why i keep getting it??? and
will it ever stay away??? is there a complete cure?
would a vasecemy cure it???

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