urogenital septum

ur·o·gen·i·tal sep·tum

the coronally placed ridge formed by the caudal portion of the urogenital ridges meeting in the midline of the embryo; it lies between the hindgut dorsally and the bladder ventrally.
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INTRODUCTION: OEIS (Omphalocele Exstrophy of cloaca Imperforate anus and Spinal defects) complex is a rare fetal polymalformation of uncertain etiology, has been regarded as sporadic in nature with a low recurrence risk.It results from abnormal closure of ventricular abdominal due to failure of convergence of cephalo-caudal and lateral folidings of embryo during blastogenesis associated with defective development of cloaca and urogenital septum. OEIS complex represents most severe form of Exstrophy Epispadias Complex (EEC).