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pertaining to the urinary system and genitalia; called also genitourinary and urinogenital.

gen·i·to·u·ri·nar·y (GU),

Relating to the organs of reproduction and urination collectively.


(yo͝or′ō-jĕn′ĭ-tl) also


Of, relating to, or involving both the urinary and genital structures or functions.


adjective Referring to the urogenital/genitourinary system; genitourinary.


(GU) (jen'i-tō-yūr'i-nar-ē)
Relating to the organs of reproduction and urination.
Synonym(s): urogenital.


Both the urinary system and the sexual organs, which form together in the developing embryo.
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We hypothesized that the MSCC technique would yield inaccurate UA results in women with advanced urogenital prolapse due to contamination of the specimen by the prolapsed tissue.
La magnitud del deterioro en la dimension urogenital en los tres asentamientos indigenas se presenta en la tabla 2.
Sex determination techniques by using external urogenital morphology have been developed for some of the mesothermal (coolwater) teleosts, including members of the ecosid family such as northern pikes Esox lucius and muskellunge E.
Ellos utilizaron tambien MRS en 9,311 mujeres alemanas con edad promedio de 49.8[+ or -]6.4, estando el 48.1% en postmenopausia; encontraron cifras superiores a las de las afrocolombianas en la dimension somatico-vegetativa (4.2[+ or -]3.2), cifra inferior a la obtenida entre las afro descendientes colombianas (5.0[+ or -]3.3); las alemanas en la dimension psicologica obtuvieron 4.5[+ or -]4.1 puntos, similar a lo obtenido por las afrocolombianas (4.8[+ or -]3.3); en la dimension urogenital las alemanas tuvieron 2.3[+ or -]2.6, cifra mucho mas alta que la obtenida por las afro descendientes colombianas (0.8[+ or -]1.7).
Hence, myogenin and h-caldesmon are useful in the differential diagnosis of urogenital myoid tumors.
Neither supplement cut the number of respiratory or urogenital infections.
The retractor ring comes in several configurations for use in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including head and neck, breast, abdominal, urogenital, perineal, and colon/rectal procedures.
* children with spina bifida, urogenital abnormalities, or spinal cord injuries.
This is possible, but it is also possible that there is a local making of antibodies in the urogenital system.
Symptoms of urogenital atrophy (UGA) include vaginal dryness, burning, itching, and painful intercourse, as well as urinary urgency and painful urination.
Humans also produce another antibiotic, human beta-defensin-1, in the urogenital tract.
A non-neurological, but psychologically traumatic, disorder in about 50% of children with congenital rubella is urogenital disorder for which the correction is surgery.