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Urodynamic evaluation was performed with LaborieA(r) Dorado urodynamics equipment.
Renal deterioration in myelodysplastic children: urodynamic evaluation and clinical correlates.
All SCI patients should undergo urodynamic evaluation because it provides a more precise diagnosis for each SCI patient, with the initial urodynamic study done after the patient is beyond the spinal-shock phase12,13.
The Value of Urodynamic Evaluation (ValUE) trial randomized 630 women with uncomplicated, demonstrable SUI to undergo preoperative office evaluation with and without UDS.
Hence this assessment needs further follow up by subsequent urodynamic evaluation in near future.
As mentioned in the commentary, it is not mandatory to diagnose overactive bladder (OAB) by urodynamic evaluation, but further investigation is advised according to the patient's quality of life, response to treatment, and physician's decision in the current guidelines (1).
Previously, in the follow-up of 55 patients with PUR, 10.4% stress incontinence, 8.3% overactive bladder and 6.3% voiding difficulties were reported with totally normal urodynamic evaluation. [10]
Whether or not incontinence surgery should be preceded by formal invasive urodynamic evaluation is not the question.