urodeum, urodaeum

see avian cloaca.
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Both the reproductive and urinary tracts empty into the urodeum.
En los pollos, este ultimo incluye las tonsilas cecales, las placas de Peyer y los agregados linfaticos del urodeum y proctodeum (Befus et al.
The ductus deferens is a tortuous tubule, which originates in the epididymis on the dorsal aspect of the testis, runs alongside the ureter, across the dorsal aspect of the coelom, and penetrates the dorsal wall of the urodeum, where it forms the short papilla of the ductus deferens.
The urodeum appeared normal, and paired papillae were found along the dorsolateral surfaces.
10) Excreted uric acid flows with the urine to the urodeum via the 2 ureters.
Cloacoscopy with sterile saline irrigation provided an excellent view of the rectal orifice, coprodeum, urodeal fold, urodeum, ureteral, and, in females, oviductal openings (Fig 5).