urocanic acid

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ur·o·can·ic ac·id

(yūr'ō-kan'ik as'id),
4-Imidazoleacrylic acid; an acid derived from the oxidative deamination of l-histidine; present in sweat and in dog's urine; elevated levels are observed in cases of urocanate hydratase deficiency. The cis form, resulting from exposure to UV radiation, activates suppressor T cells.

urocanic acid

/uro·can·ic ac·id/ (-kan´ik) an intermediate metabolite of histamine, convertible normally to glutamic acid.

u·ro·can·ic ac·id

(yūr'ō-kan'ik as'id)
Derived from the oxidative deamination of l-histidine; present in sweat; elevated levels are observed in cases of urocanate hydratase deficiency.
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Urocanic acid and formiminoglutamic acid excretion studies in a case with megaloblastic arrest.
If urocanic acid is also been used by certain other worms, it can be a cost-effective preventive therapy in hosts of the developing countries.
Thirteen of the 20 treatments applied to soil (succinic acid, [alpha]-ketoglutaric acid, mannitol, urocanic acid, L-asparagine, riboflavin, sucrose, uric acid, cellulose, root exudates, L-serine, [alpha]-ketobutyric acid, humic acid) resulted in significantly lower (P [less than or equal to] 0.
Treatments used to evaluate the microbial response to a range of organic C compounds (solutions prepared to provide 30 [micro]g C/g soil at a C: N:P ratio of 10:1:1) Group Organic C compound Amino acid L-Asparagine, L-arginine, glycine, L-serine Alcohol Mannitol Carbohydrate D-Glucose, sucrose Carboxylic Citric acid a-ketobutyric acid, [alpha]-ketoglutaric acid acid, succininc acid, uric acid Vitamin Thiamin, riboflavin Aromatic Urocanic acid Amine L-Glutamine Other Cellulose, fulvic acid humic acid synthetic root exudates (50 mM fructose, 50 mM D-glucose, 50 mM sucrose, 25 mM succinic acid, 25 mM DL-malic acid, 12.
Previously, scientists had suggested that urocanic acid causes wrinkling during exposure to longer wavelength, UVA radiation but suppresses the immune system when stimulated with short wavelength, UVC light.
1, Geraniol, Imidazolidinyl urea, Kathon CG, Lactose, Mineral oil, Oleic acid, Parabens, Quaternium-15, Rosin, Saccharin and Talc down to Urocanic acid.
According to the company, Gamma-PGA is an effective hydrophilic humectant capable of increasing the production of NMFs including pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid (PCA), lactic acid and urocanic acid as compared to hyaluronic acid and soluble collagen.
that come from plants including urocanic acid (a carcinogen but it is natural