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pertaining to the urinary system and genitalia; called also urinogenital and urogenital.

gen·i·to·u·ri·nar·y (GU),

Relating to the organs of reproduction and urination collectively.


Variant of urogenital.
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The respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinogenital tracts all are lined with a mucosal surface.
Chapter cover general considerations and anesthesia, head and neck surgery, abdominal surgery, female urinogenital surgery, teat surgery, male urinogenital surgery, and lameness.
The 617 drawings made by participants in the study were awarded one of seven levels according to biological quality with Level 1 meaning no representation of internal structure and Level 7 meaning comprehensive representation with four or more organ systems indicated out of skeletal, gaseous exchange, nervous, digestive, endocrine, urinogenital, muscular, and circulatory systems.