urine specific gravity

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u·rine spe·cif·ic grav·i·ty

(yūr'in spĕ-sif'ik grav'i-tē)
The density of urine compared with the density of water.
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For any given PCP at any time point, the imputation model included PCP use at other time points, urine specific gravity (continuous), race (Caucasian or not), age (continuous), BMI (continuous), calendar year (continuous), time of sample collection [early morning (>0500 and [less than or equal to] 0900 hours), late morning (>0900 hours and [less than or equal to] 1200 hours), or afternoon (>1200 hours)], current smoking (yes/no), and warm season (April-September) (yes/no).
Table 1.Changes in Biochemical Indices and Urine specific gravity of Experimental Animals.
A two-way repeated-measure ANOVA, time by treatment, was used to analyze differences in body mass and urine specific gravity. A Bonferroni correction was applied to eliminate the possibility of type I errors in the consequent pairwise comparison.
Mdnnis also did not mention the possibility of lithium-induced diabetes insipidus, a condition in which the kidneys are no longer able to concentrate urine and that is marked by excessive urination, concomitant water intake, and low urine specific gravity It is uncommon, but I have seen it 3 times in 30 years, in a practice that specializes in psychotherapy and does not see a high percentage of patients with BD.
To confirm the hydration status, urine specific gravity was determined with a refractometer (SUR-NE, Atago Inc, USA); a urine specific gravity <1.020 indicated euhydration.
Abstract: To evaluate the relationship between osmolality and specific gravity of urine samples from clinically normal adult parrots and to determine a formula to convert urine specific gravity (USG) measured on a reference scale to a more accurate USG value for an avian species, urine samples were collected opportunistically from a colony of Hispaniolan Amazon parrots (Amazona ventralis).
At the end of the trial, participants were asked to empty their bladders and to collect the entire urine volume so the post-exercise urine specific gravity and urine volume could be assessed.
Assessment of Early Postoperative Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery (Ausiello et al., 2008) Screen Monitoring Hypothalamic--pituitary-- Serum cortisol level adrenal axis Cosyntropin stimulation test Fluid intake and hourly urine output Diabetes insipidus Serum electrolytes, serum osmolality, urine sodium, urine osmolality, and urine specific gravity Syndrome of inappropriate Fluid intake and urine output diuretic Serum sodium, serum osmolality, urine hormone secretion sodium, urine osmolality, and urine specific gravity Neurosurgical complications Visual loss Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea Meningitis Subdural hematoma Epistaxis TABLE 3.
Clinical signs of chronic renal failure include proteinuria, cellular casts, and low urine specific gravity.
"A 1+ proteinuria in a kid who has a urine specific gravity greater than 1.015 is really not an issue.
Strategies used to diagnose the hydration status of elderly individuals range from observation of the patient's skin and mucous membrane, measuring urine specific gravity and colour and undertaking a range of laboratory tests, taking a careful health history, and assessing cognition and mobility levels of the patient (Bennett, Thomas & Riegel, 2004).