urine evaluation

urine evaluation,

n in Tibetan medicine, a tool of diagnosis employed by practitioners to assess the presence of certain medical conditions, including chi disorder, schara disorder, and badahan disorder, in a patient's body. In particular, the practitioner uses color, odor, steam, sedimentation, and bubble formation of the urine as criteria for the evaluation. See also disorder, chi; disorder, schara; and disorder, badahan.
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Cytological urine evaluation is not a good indicator of the disease because the cellular atypia is mild and not always present, particularly in non-muscle invasive lesions; moreover, the bland cytomorphologic features of NVUC generate diagnostic problems with urinary cytology specimens.
We have included a regression plot for CYFRA21-1 values below 10 [micro]g/L in both serum and urine evaluations because the majority of the samples for the regression study were within this range.