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to discharge urine.
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To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate
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intr.v. uri·nated, uri·nating, uri·nates
To excrete urine.

u′ri·na′tion n.
u′ri·na′tive adj.
u′ri·na′tor n.
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To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate.
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Patient discussion about urinate

Q. protien in urine what are the causes and preventions


Q. How you stop urinating frequently? I don't have any conditions that make me urinate often. I simply drink lots of water... Is there some trick I can employ so that I can still drink lots of water but not have to go to the bathroom so frequently?

A. I only drink water and green tea, Thanks.

Q. Today doctor removed my stunt of kidney. It inflamate while urination.. till How long i will feel like this?

A. You should consult your doctor, since instruments in the kidney and urinary tracts can cause infections (even after removing them), that may cause symptoms like you describe.

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Even though penile evidence is not seen in most Oxidation Paintings, the presumption of the urinator's sex by the viewer is not entirely inaccurate considering that Warhol, Victor Hugo, and Ronnie Cutrone were the primary pissers.
This factor should cast suspicion on statutes that severely penalize petty criminals, such as public urinators, or that penalize minors for life.
"Public urinators are not a nice thing, but at a big public event it happens a lot and, if we give them a warning, that avoids alienating people who would otherwise be law abiding.
Perth: England's Stuart Broad is relishing the role of Ashes villain but he won't be the only target of boos in a team dubbed "the Urinators" by the Australian press.
Branded the 'Urinators' by Australian media following their Oval celebrations, England has already started to get the microscope focused on them as they were besieged by media persons while landing in Australia for their Ashes tour.
In describing Giuliani's early campaign against squeegee men and his later efforts against turnstile jumpers, public urinators, and other petty lawbreakers, Siegel notes that a large percentage of these people also had outstanding warrants for much more serious crimes that in fact a great portion of the city's rapid drop in violent crime rates came from tougher enforcement aimed at these sorts of minor offenses.
The media twisted the situation into making the urinators, crack dealers, fornicators and so on, into victims, not able to "do their thing" on the steps and property of the church.
Branded the 'Urinators' by one Aussie journalist following their Oval celebrations, England are set for a bumpy ride off the field.