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to discharge urine.
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To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate
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intr.v. uri·nated, uri·nating, uri·nates
To excrete urine.

u′ri·na′tion n.
u′ri·na′tive adj.
u′ri·na′tor n.
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To pass urine.
Synonym(s): micturate.
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Patient discussion about urinate

Q. protien in urine what are the causes and preventions


Q. How you stop urinating frequently? I don't have any conditions that make me urinate often. I simply drink lots of water... Is there some trick I can employ so that I can still drink lots of water but not have to go to the bathroom so frequently?

A. I only drink water and green tea, Thanks.

Q. Today doctor removed my stunt of kidney. It inflamate while urination.. till How long i will feel like this?

A. You should consult your doctor, since instruments in the kidney and urinary tracts can cause infections (even after removing them), that may cause symptoms like you describe.

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* Urge incontinence happens when people have a sudden need to urinate and cannot hold their urine long enough to get to the toilet.
Among men who had experienced a prostate problem, 85% said it had increased the need to urinate at night, and two thirds (66%) said it had affected the quality of their sleep.
When he appeared before the primary court, the Emirati contended that he could not urinate and provide a urine sample for the drug test.
But he won't urinate, nor will he romp around, even with my encouragement, although the fence is a generous 18 by 38 feet.
Your doctor may recommend bladder retraining, in which you learn to resist the urge to urinate and then urinate at set times.
"So we have to introduce stricter punishments to ensure those who urinate on the streets think several times before committing their disgusting acts.
The patient started to urinate easily after the caruncle excision (Fig.
Symptoms include an urgent need to urinate frequently and pain or stinging when you do so.
Al-Asbahi thinks there are many things that can be done to curb people's willingness to urinate in front of others.
A Nighttime urination (nocturia) is common--21 to 56 percent of men age 75 and older wake up two or more times nightly due to an urge to urinate.
Does Mr Green not realise that even if the dogs did urinate on their own doorstep, at the next lampost, corner wall or grass verge they would still do another one?
I'd love to see Alan Shinton's reaction if I decided to urinate on his front lawn as a "joke".