urinary space

cap·su·lar space

the slitlike space between the visceral and parietal layers of the capsule of the renal corpuscle; it opens into the proximal tubule of the nephron at the neck of the tubule.
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A narrow urinary space was separating the inner visceral and outer parietal layer of the Bowman's capsule.
Glomeruli were sclerosed with increase in urinary space. Interstitium showed marked inflammation and vascular congestion (p-value = 0.001) (Fig.
Quaggin's research programme focuses on genetic pathways required to establish and maintain the integrity of microvascular beds including the glomerular filtration barrier - a highly selective filter that separates the blood from the urinary space.
Podocalyxin, located on the surface of podocytes that faces the urinary space, is one of the major negatively charged glomerular proteins in the glomerular basement membrane and plays an important role in the maintenance of the intricate glomerular basement membrane and plays an important role in the maintenance of the intricate glomerular podocyte for optimal filtration [22].
The renal corpuscles were composed by Bowman's capsule a glomerulus and the urinary space. In the medullar region the segments of the collector tubules and loops of Henle were present (Fig.
In the prostodin group, glomerular hypertrophy and vascular dilation were noted and urinary space declined, in a way that in some points in glomeruli network, Bowman capsule was seen due to increased size in vicinity of external wall (Figure 2).
Marouane et al found that treatment with vanadium caused damage to the kidneys, in a way that vanadium led to glomerular hypertrophy, decreased urinary space in kidney nephrons' Bowman capsule, and increased serum creatinine through inducing lipid peroxidation and increasing serum creatinine.
Biochemical and histopathologic investigations of this study indicated that prostodin caused increased blood serum creatinine and urea and Bowman capsule diameter, decreased urinary space, as well as glomerular dilation (glomerular hypertrophy), resulting in disorder in renal function, lack of proper blood treatment, and finally further increase in serum creatinine.
Crystal plugs often projected into the urinary space. Histological examination revealed cystine crystallization in ducts of Bellini with cell injury, interstitial reaction, nephron obstruction, and the potential of inducing cortical change and loss of inner medullary collecting duct tubular fluid pH regulation resulting in apatite formation.
EGb reduced diabetes-induced morphological alterations of the kidney such as increase in volume of glomeruli, capillary tufts, urinary space, and thickening of Bowman's capsule basement membrane.
The diabetes-induced enlargement of many glomeruli, capillary tufts and of the subcapsular urinary space is obviously less expressed in the EGb-treated diabetic group (Fig.
Creatinine is small, circulates unbound to plasma proteins, and is freely filtered at the glomerulus but undergoes tubular secretion into the urinary space [6].