urinary meatus

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 [me-a´tus] (pl. mea´tus) (L.)
an opening or passage, especially one leading to the body surface. adj., adj mea´tal.
acoustic meatus (meatus acus´ticus) either of two passages in the ear; the external acoustic meatus leads from the auricle to the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and the internal acoustic meatus is for passage of nerves and blood vessels.
auditory meatus acoustic meatus.
meatus na´si (meatus of nose) one of the three portions of the nasal cavity on either side of the septum: inferior (meatus nasi inferior), middle (meatus nasi medius), and superior (meatus nasi superior).
ureteral meatus ureteral orifice.
meatus urina´rius (urinary meatus) the opening of the urethra on the body surface, through which urine is discharged.

urinary meatus

the external opening of the urethra.


(me-a'tus) plural.meatus [L.]
A passageway or an opening. meatal (me-a'tal), adjective

acoustic meatus

The opening to either the external or internal auditory canal. It can also be a synonym for either the external or internal auditory canal.

meatus acusticus externus

External auditory canal.

meatus acusticus internus

Internal auditory canal.

external acoustic meatus

External auditory meatus.

external auditory meatus

The outer opening of the external auditory canal, or the canal itself.
See: external acoustic meatus.

internal acoustic meatus

Internal auditory meatus.

internal auditory meatus

The opening of the internal auditory canal into the cranial cavity located on the posterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, or the canal itself.
Synonym: internal acoustic meatus

meatus nasi communis

Common nasal cavity on either side of septum, into which three meatus open.

meatus nasi inferior

Space beneath inferior turbinate or concha of the nose.

meatus nasi medius

Space beneath middle turbinate or concha of the nose.

meatus nasi superior

Space beneath superior turbinate or concha of the nose.

meatus nasopharyngeus

Posterior portion of nasal cavity, which communicates with the nasopharynx.

urethral meatus

External opening of the urethra.
Synonym: urinary meatus; meatus urinarius

meatus urinarius

Urethral meatus.

urinary meatus

Urethral meatus.

urinary meatus (yôôˈ·r·narˑ·ē mēˑ·ts),

n the urethra's external opening.
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The advantages of the en bloc extensive resection of the penis and prepuce without penile retroversion associated with a permanent urethrostomy were the removal of as much penile body as possible, minimizing recurrence and avoiding tension related to phallopexy, and the possibility to create a urinary meatus which is functional and cosmetically similar to the mare's.
Caption: Figure 3: Macroscopic appearance of the perineal urinary meatus 3 years after surgery: urethral stoma underwent a progressive contraction until stabilization, allowing normal urination without urine scalding.
The patient with a neobladder will have a traditional indwelling catheter inserted through the urinary meatus into the neobladder.
The patient separates the labia with her nondominant hand and places the CapSure device over the area of the urinary meatus using her dominant hand.