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Goodman and Kruskal's gamma was used to examine relationships between current stress, typical sleep, typical exercise, and self-reported general health and the three symptoms of IC: urinary urgency, urinary frequency, and bladder pain (see Table 4).
The combined analysis performed by Dmochowski et al., in particular, found that OXYTDS was more effective than placebo in the reduction of daily incontinence episodes (-3.0 versus -2.0, p = 0.0004) and daily urinary frequency (-2.0 versus -1.0, p = 0.0023) [12].
The symptom of urinary frequency was noted in 18 out of 35 stented patients (51.4%) and 5 out of 35 (14.2%) nonstented patients.
Overactive bladder is defined as urinary urgency with or without urge incontinence frequently associated with urinary frequency and nocturia.
Patients with dysmenorrhea, sicca symptoms, subjective swelling, increased urinary frequency, shortness of breath, headache, constipation, paresthesia, cognitive dysfunction, arthralgia, tiredness, morning stiffness, depression, or anxiety had significantly higher TPCs than did those patients not suffering from any of these symptoms or conditions.
The symptoms are higher urinary frequency, urgency, leaking, hesitance, interrupted and/or decreased urinary stream.
"OAB includes symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency, but it may be wet OAB, in which urine leakage also occurs, or dry OAB, in which there is no urinary incontinence," explains Jaclyn Bonder, MD, the medical director of Women's Health Rehabilitation at Weill Cornell Medical Center.
"Increased urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence are a part of an overactive bladder that can happen to any normal individual.
Patients typically report bothersome urinary frequency during the day and sleep interruptions because of the need to void.
In an animal study published in the Japanese Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science, rats supplemented with pumpkin seed extract significantly improved bladder function and decreased urinary frequency. (5)
These findings have useful clinical implications because women with bladder oversensitivity complain of urinary frequency which is often misdiagnosed as an infection and treated with unnecessary antibiotics.
CASE Jan D, a 27-year-old woman, comes in requesting treatment for pelvic pain and urinary frequency, symptoms she's had for about 6 months.

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