urinary casts

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u·ri·nar·y casts

casts discharged in the urine.
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Her serum creatinine level (0.90 mg/dL) suggested mildly impaired renal function, and urine sediment analysis revealed abnormal urinary casts, including red blood cell casts, fatty casts, pigment casts, and waxy casts.
In addition, her liver enzymes and serum creatinine level decreased within normal limits, and her abnormal urinary casts and proteinuria improved (protein-to-creatinine ratio in a spot urine sample was 0.77).
Urinalysis (dipstick and microscopic examination) presents the best opportunity for early identification of LN as a dipstick is likely to show the presence of blood and protein in the urine and urine microscopy enables identification of various urinary casts (red cells, granular, hyaline).
4 [square box] Urinary casts Heme granular or red blood cell casts.
And-dsDNA and urinary casts were significantly associated with [PM.sub.2.5] levels shortly before the clinical visits (averaged over 24 or 48 hr before; Figure 1B,C).
Refrigeration suppresses multiplication of bacteria, preserves urinary casts, and slows any shifts in urinary pH and osmolality.
Urinary casts were observed at X10 [low-power field (LPF)].
The detection of urinary casts by the OF-100 is less definitive than is the detection of RBCs and WBCs.