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Urinalysis (plural, urinalyses)

The diagnostic testing of a urine sample.
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Patient discussion about urinalyses

Q. Is there a chance for the urine test at the doctor's office to go wrong? Four times I have experienced home pregnancy tests. They all came positive to my delight. Once I had a urine test in a clinic it came negative. I was told at the clinic by a nurse that the home pregnancy test may go wrong. I am completely confused. Is there a chance for the urine test at the doctor's office to go wrong?

A. Lesa, the home pregnancy test is just a device to help knowing whether a woman is pregnant or not, but I will say that is never 100% accurate, maybe it is 99,something% accurate. but there's always slight chance for that to be wrong. repeated test will confirm the prior test.

sometimes when you're happened to check the pregnancy with 'poor-pregnancy-test-device' you can have your result mistaken. if you want to be sure, check it in your doctor's office, and discuss that with your doctor. and one more thing, yes it's true the later you're having late period the higher the probability you're having positive result. so, don't get confused, okay?

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provide valuable assistance for interpreting the results of automated urinalyses.
3,4) Currently available screening urinalyses using chemical dipstick testing have reported sensitivities ranging from 53% to 93% and specificities of 72% to 98% for detecting significant bacteriuria.
Repeated urinalyses are required to find children with persistent hematuria.