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They appealed for financial help to allow the Derry City legend to make a visit to a German medical facility for urgent surgery.
Prisoner al-Refai, who has already served eight years and a half out of his total imprisonment sentence of 11 years, suffers from intestinal cancer and severe infections, necessitating an urgent surgery to remove the tumors.
A doctor was called to inspect and diagnosed this as a cyst, needing urgent surgery.
He needed urgent surgery to repair two valves and a severe blockage in his artery.
Abu Rayyala was transferred, with critical wounds, to a hospital for medical treatment, where he was set to undergo urgent surgery.
He said that a panel of doctors and ministry officials came to the decision that urgent surgery was needed for the infant's well-being.
Dan Adamescu is prevented from obtaining consultation and urgent surgery from his doctors in Germany.
The embassy contacted the doctor responsible for the patient's state in Nizwa and stressed the necessity of transferring the patient to Al-Sultani Hospital for urgent surgery, the statement pointed out.
Project clinical lead Dr Emma Hosking said "e newly redeveloped area oers improved comfort and facilities for patients coming to hospital to have planned or urgent surgery.
warfarin) therapy in adult patients needing an urgent surgery or other invasive procedure.
Asenior A&E consultant has described having to treat patients in the back of ambulances because of pressures in emergency care, which also led to the cancellation of some urgent surgery in Morriston hospital.
She had been diagnosed with a liver complaint recently, but the gravity of the situation called for urgent surgery.