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a sudden compelling need to do something.
bowel urgency the sudden, almost uncontrollable, need to defecate.
urinary urgency the sudden, almost uncontrollable, need to urinate.
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A strong desire to void.
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The need to do a thing–eg, urinate, now dad blast it!
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A sudden and powerful need to urinate.
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To help instill a sense of urgency, talk to your employees about what they would perceive as a stretch goal.
Epstein himself started the "urgency" narrative with his angry postseason news conference last October after the Cubs were bounced out of the wild-card game by the Colorado Rockies.
Jane Holl Lute, however, appears to have a sense of urgency and is unlikely to put up with any delaying tactics.
(I think the certification of urgency may no longer be issued because the versions of the House and the Senate are different.)
Mirabegron is the first b3-adrenoceptor agonist to enter clinical practice, and has been approved for the treatment of symptoms of OAB including urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence.
"I do absolutely recognise the urgency. So there are mechanisms in place, but I will pursue this as a matter of urgency.
Drilon noted that the President has found an urgency in enacting the BBL for peace and stability in Mindanao.
Overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) has been clinically defined as urinary urgency, with or without incontinence, generally accompanied by an increase in urinary frequency and nocturia, after any local disease or metabolic disorder that would explain these symptoms has been ruled out [1].
GLASGOW ROCKS coach Tony Garbelotto slammed his players for a lack of urgency after Worcester Wolves thumped them 97-85 in the BBL Cup quarter-finals.
It's possible for TV and radio signals from Earth to seep into space, so maybe the same thing has happened there and we are picking up alien television weather Urgency over Game of Thrones reports or messages from a mobile phone.
Synopsis: "Manufacturing Urgency: The Development Industry and Violence Against Women" by Corinne Mason (Associate Professor in Gender & Women's Studies and Sociology at Brandon University) investigates anti-violence policies in international development, demonstrating that strategies intended to end violence against women are constructed to serve ends other than the needs of women.
Objective: The objective of this study was to identify the urgency patterns and the effect of time management.