use of a cystourethroscope to evaluate lesions or foreign bodies in the bladder, urethral diverticula, fistulas, strictures, and other conditions. Called also urethrocystoscopy.
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The EAU, BAUS, and NICE in their guidelines have stated that men with a history of microscopic and gross hematuria should undergo a urethrocystoscopy during diagnostic evaluation and it is clear from our analysis that examination of the LUT with a FC is mandatory.
Urethrocystoscopy revealed a mass that infiltrated the whole urethra, up to the bladder neck.
Vriesema et al conducted a utility analysis of 85 patients evaluating their opinion regarding urinary tests versus flexible urethrocystoscopy in the follow-up examination for superficial bladder cancer.
Urethrocystoscopy was performed and it illustrated a dark mass, a few millimeters in size, with bleeding.
Dynamic urethrocystoscopy was performed on each patient in dorsal lithotomy position under local anesthesia (lidocaine gel) to evaluate the functionality of sphincteric urethra and to exclude urethral stricture disease or bladder neck sclerosis.
After a thorough physical examination, further investigations can be considered and include urethrocystoscopy, transurethral seminal vesiculoscopy, transrectal ultrasound, and MRI study.
Prior to excision, pelvic examination and urethrocystoscopy were performed, which revealed a nontender mass of size 5 cm x 3 cm arising from anterior wall of distal urethra at 12 O'clock position.
When planning the surgical procedure, a urethrocystoscopy may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.
The urethrocystoscopy showed normal anterior urethra in morphology and size and posterior urethra deformed by prostatic lobes.
Urethrocystoscopy was performed for him, but the inner opening of the discharging sinus was not found.
With the use of urethrocystoscopy, there is rapid completion of diagnostic workup, and operations for surgical conditions can be scheduled more promptly.