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Unfortunately, as many cases of carcinoma in a urethral diverticulum are diagnosed at an advanced stage, initial treatment should be aggressive, in the form of anterior exteneration and urethrectomy with consideration of radiation and chemotherapy.
In urethrectomy specimens, submit 1 section per centimeter of tumor, including the macroscopically deepest penetration.
Counselling towards a radical cystectomy plus urethrectomy should be considered with any high-grade prostatic urethral recurrence following BCG.
The equipment for BIU includes Bougie, apparatus for urethrectomy, and guidance wire.
The apparatus for urethrectomy consists of outer tube, guide and handle (Fig.
DiMarco and colleagues concluded that treatment with local excision versus radical urethrectomy or anterior exenteration resulted in higher rates of local recurrence.
His chief complaint was hematuria 9 years after treatment with radical cystoprostatectomy, en bloc urethrectomy, extended lymph node dissection and continent urinary diversion with an Indiana pouch.
Following incisional biopsy demonstrating UC, a radical penectomy, total urethrectomy and bilateral transposition of local muscle flaps for pelvic floor coverage were performed in August 2010.
The supplement highlights key aspects of bladder cancer from the management of T1G3 tumours and BCG failures to the management of advanced cancers, including the role of lymphadenectomy, urethrectomy, perioperative chemotherapy and metastasectomy.
Currently, urethrectomy in conjunction with cystectomy is rarely performed due to evidence indicating an overall low incidence of urethral recurrence (UR) following cystectomy.
The authors recommend the intra-operative frozen section from the urethra at the prostatic apex as the only criterion to determine whether a urethrectomy should be performed.
The patient underwent a robotic-assisted laparoscopic cystoprostatectomy, urethrectomy, extended pelvic lymph node dissection and ileal conduit urinary diversion.