urethral stricture

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u·re·thral stric·ture

a stenosing lesion of the urethra, usually due to inflammation or to iatrogenic instrumentation and resulting in reduction of urethral caliber that may be focal or may involve virtually the entire length of the urethra.

urethral stricture

Urology An abnormal narrowing of the urethra due to inflammation or scarring from prior urethral or prostate surgery, disease or injury, and rarely, due to external pressure from an enlarging periurethral tumor Risk factors STDs, repeated urethritis, BPH, pelvic injury, trauma or surgery to pelvic region; congenital strictures are rare, as are true strictures in ♀. See Urethra.

urethral stricture

A local narrowing of the URETHRA. This was formerly a common sequel to untreated GONORRHOEA but is now uncommon. Stricture can block the outflow of urine, and back-pressure effects can damage the kidneys. It may be treated by repeated widening (dilatation) with an instrument called a bougie or by a plastic operation.

Urethral stricture

A narrowing of the urethra (urine tube).
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pertaining to or emanating from urethra.

urethral agenesis, urethral atresia
failure of development of all or part of the urethra: characterized by complete urine retention. A rare cause of neonatal uremia.
urethral calculus
causes a syndrome of acute urethral obstruction (below).
urethral diverticulum
see urachal diverticulum.
urethral fistula
due to trauma; occurs in bulls in which the urethra lies superficially near its end. A fistula may affect the discharge of semen from the normal meatus sufficiently to cause infertility.
urethral groove
a median groove along the ventral surface of the genital tubercle providing an eventual location for the penile urethra in the male.
urethral hydropulsion
urethral hypoplasia
a cause of urinary incontinence in female dogs and rarely cats.
urethral muscle
striated muscle in the wall of the male pelvic urethra.
urethral obstruction
causes acute abdominal pain with grunting and straining to urinate, tail switching, distention of the bladder, dripping of blood-stained urine, protrusion of the penis. Eventually the bladder ruptures or the urethra perforates. Caused usually by calculus. See also urolithiasis.
urethral perforation
occurs usually at the site of urethral obstruction by a calculus. Causes urinary infiltration of the ventral abdominal wall and terminal uremia. Called also waterbelly. Rarely the accumulation occurs retroperitoneally and is palpable rectally. See also hypospadias.
Enlarge picture
Subcutaneous swelling containing urine due to urolithiasis and urethral perforation. By permission from Blowey RW, Weaver AD, Diseases and Disorders of Cattle, Mosby, 1997
urethral plate
a solid cord of endodermal cells which arise from the floor of the urogenital sinus, contributing to the formation of the urethral groove.
urethral plug
occurs in male cats causing urethral obstruction; associated with feline urological syndrome. The plug is composed of proteinaceous material with cellular debris and struvite crystals.
urethral pressure profile
a study of the intraurethral pressure as a means of identifying the cause of urinary incontinence in dogs and cats.
urethral pressure profilometry
a measure of intraurethral pressures; used in the investigation of urinary incompetence in dogs and cats. Usually carried out with a pressure-measuring device in the tip of a catheter placed in the urethra and bladder.
urethral process
the extension of the urethra beyond the end of the glans penis. In the horse it is mostly concealed in the urethral fossa. In small ruminants it is in the form of a 1 to 2 inch long filiform appendage and is easily injured during shearing, interfering with the animal's subsequent fertility.
urethral prolapse
protrusion of urethral mucosa at the end of the penis.
urethral prosthesis
a synthetic conduit used in the treatment of urethral stricture or obstruction in cats, particularly following an unsuccessful urethrostomy.
proximal urethral ulceration
causes hematuria at the end of urination in horses.
urethral rupture
see urethral perforation (above).
urethral sling
urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence
a cause of urinary incontinence in female dogs and occasionally cats.
urethral stricture
caused by trauma, particularly injury associated with urethral calculi or urethral surgery. Clinically similar to obstruction except that the condition is subacute or chronic and characterized by a persistently distended bladder, dribbling of urine and the passage of a thin stream, usually accompanied by straining.
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First we explored the urethra with the 12th urethral bougie; the urethral stricture was about 10 cm from the urinary meatus and the bougie could not pass through the stricture (Fig.
In addition, she specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant kidney tumors, urethral stricture disease, bladder control issues, hematuria, bladder cancer and PSA Counseling.
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