urethral stricture

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u·re·thral stric·ture

a stenosing lesion of the urethra, usually due to inflammation or to iatrogenic instrumentation and resulting in reduction of urethral caliber that may be focal or may involve virtually the entire length of the urethra.
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urethral stricture

Urology An abnormal narrowing of the urethra due to inflammation or scarring from prior urethral or prostate surgery, disease or injury, and rarely, due to external pressure from an enlarging periurethral tumor Risk factors STDs, repeated urethritis, BPH, pelvic injury, trauma or surgery to pelvic region; congenital strictures are rare, as are true strictures in ♀. See Urethra.
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urethral stricture

A local narrowing of the URETHRA. This was formerly a common sequel to untreated GONORRHOEA but is now uncommon. Stricture can block the outflow of urine, and back-pressure effects can damage the kidneys. It may be treated by repeated widening (dilatation) with an instrument called a bougie or by a plastic operation.
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Urethral stricture

A narrowing of the urethra (urine tube).
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Constrictive uroflow curves or a maximum flow rate <10 mL/s by uroflowmetry was considered to indicate the occurrence of a urethral stricture. To distinguish urethral stricture from bladder neck contracture, urethral stricture was confirmed by urethroscopy and urethrography.
Urethral stricture is a disease of anterior urethra in which there is scarring process affecting the epithelium of urethra and spongy erectile tissues of corpus spongiosum causing fibrotic narrowing of the urethra1.
The recurrence rate of urethral stricture was 16.6 % (3/18 patient) with Qmax of 4.6 and 7.2ml/sec.
Six patients (12.8%) were treated endoscopically for postprostatectomy urethral stricture disease or bladder neck sclerosis prior to sling placement.
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Specific subtypes of Memokath stents have been developed for ureteral strictures, BPE, and urethral strictures [18], and Memokath stents have even been used for treatment of ureteral avulsion [19], ureteroileal anastomotic stricture [20], strictures in renal transplant kidneys [21], and ureterovaginal fistulas [22].
A 72-year-old male with a history of transurethral resection of the prostate one year prior to admission and internal urethrotomy for a urethral stricture three months prior presented with obstructive lower urinary tract symptoms.
Our measurements of functional results included day and night continence, daily self-catheterization, urethral stricture, IIEF-5 score, and IPSS score.
A total of 45 male patients of all age group having anterior urethral stricture on retrograde urethrography were subjected to sonourethrography of anterior urethra.
Background: The treatment of urethral stricture is usually not difficult but the problem lies in high rate of recurrence.