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Relating to the urethra.
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(u-re'thra) [Gr. ourethra]
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The tube for the discharge of urine extending from the bladder to the outside. In females, its orifice lies in the vestibule between the vagina and clitoris; in males, the urethra passes through the prostate gland and the penis, opening at the tip of the glans penis. In males, it serves as the passage for semen as well as urine. Its lining, the mucosa, is thrown into folds and contains the openings of the urethral glands. Surrounding the mucosa is a lamina propria containing many elastic fibers and blood vessels, outside of which is an indefinite muscular layer. See: penis; illustration

urethra muliebris

The female urethra.

urethra virilis

The male urethra.
urethral (u-re'thral), adjective
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Pertaining to the URETHRA.
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Untreated, the urethra may rupture, although most urethral ruptures are due do serious trauma, such as being hit by a car or experiencing a pelvic fracture.
"To definitively diagnosis a urethral rupture, your veterinarian may need to do a specialized x-ray study called retrograde urethography.
A reported complete urethral rupture is rare and mostly associated with bilateral corporeal rupture [6].
Diagnosis: In our study bulbar urethral rupture was the major injury.
1-stage delayed bulboprostatic anastomotic repair of posterior urethral rupture: 60 patients with 1-year followup.
I stage delayed bulbo prostatic anastomotic repair of posterior urethral rupture: 60 patients with 1-year follow up.
The two urethral rupture cases were hospitalized for 1 week and the Foley catheter fixed for 2 weeks.
The balloon of the urethral Foley catheter was thought to be outside the bladder due to urethral rupture caused in the fall.
Present paper records a urethral rupture in and its successful surgical management in a Gir bull.
This underlines the fact that further evaluation beyond history-taking and a clinical examination are not necessarily useful.[sup.10] Moreno Sierra and colleagues claim that complementary tests, such as ultrasound, are helpful but not definitive in their experience with emergency surgical repair on 15 patients (only 1 case with complete urethral fracture).[sup.11] In 14 patients with concomitant urethral rupture treated surgically, El-Assmy and colleagues reported no harmful long-term sequelae on urethral and erectile function in most patients and only one relative urethral narrowing post-surgery.[sup.12]
(35) used primary realignment in the treatment of 12 children with complete posterior urethral rupture and reported that the stricture developed in most of them was dilatable, and they concluded that if the stricture developed in children post-primary realignment was dilatable, primary urethral realignment should be the initial treatment of choice for such patients.