urethral pressure profile

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1. a simple outline, as of the side view of the head or face.
2. a graph representing quantitatively a set of characteristics determined by tests.
biophysical profile a numeric scoring system used to assess the well-being of the fetus in high-risk pregnancies, based on the nonstress test combined with sonographic evaluation of fetal breathing, fetal movements, fetal tone, amniotic fluid volume, and, sometimes, the echogenicity of the placenta.
PULSES profile a tool for early functional assessment, comprising assessment of physical condition, upper limb function, lower limb function, sensory components, excretory function, and emotional or mental status.
urethral pressure profile (UPP) a record of the resistance of the urethra to fluid flow, measured as variations in urethral pressure. A liquid or gas is pumped into the bladder with a catheter in place and the catheter is slowly withdrawn while measurements are taken of the pressure at various points in the urethra. It is usually done from the internal orifice to the external orifice in females and from the internal orifice to the sphincter urethrae muscle in males.
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u·re·thral pres·sure pro·file

the continual recording of pressure through a hole in the side of a small catheter as it is pulled (at a constant rate, although either water or a gas is infused through the hole) from a point within the bladder, through the vesical neck, and down the entire urethra; a form of resistance measurement that gives a tracing indicative of the functional length of the urethra and the points of maximal urethral resistance.
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urethral pressure profile

Urology A dataset used to determine the functional length, resting pressure, and maximal pressure of the urethral sphincter mechanisms
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