urethral plate

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u·re·thral plate

the endodermal lining of the urethral groove that forms the lining of the spongy urethra.
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In the second stage, urethral plate is tabularised.
Although recently a new one-stage technique that involves a deeply longitudinal midline incision of the urethral plate and the suturing of buccal mucosal tissue as an inlay graft into the bed obtained within the urethral plate has been described by different authors, the long-term results in a large series of patients treated with this new one-stage penile graft urethroplasty are not available in the current literature [4].
Ventrally, the wide and undeveloped urethral plate is dissected from the clitoral bodies.
The choice of the procedure is based on the characteristics of the urethral plate irrespective of the meatal location.
Effect of suturing technique and urethral plate characteristics on complication rate following hypospadias repair: a prospective randomized study.
The approaches to hypospadias surgery has changed over the decade since the identification of the urethral plate as an anatomical entity and this has simplified this surgery.
Tubularisation of urethral plate was done over an optimal sized catheter using 5-0 polyglactin suture.
In the supine position, we first performed an incision originating from superior of the umbilicus and enlarged through the adjacent part of the exstrophic bladder mucosa and extended to the paraexstrophic skin to the urethral plate (Figure 1b).
The urethral plate was incised, penile shaft degloved, and the penis was assessed for curvature.
The basic steps included degloving the penile shaft, and excising of tethering tissue lateral to the urethral plate. An artificial erection was performed in all cases to ensure straight penis and any residual chordee corrected.