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Relating to the urethra.
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(u-re'thra) [Gr. ourethra]
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The tube for the discharge of urine extending from the bladder to the outside. In females, its orifice lies in the vestibule between the vagina and clitoris; in males, the urethra passes through the prostate gland and the penis, opening at the tip of the glans penis. In males, it serves as the passage for semen as well as urine. Its lining, the mucosa, is thrown into folds and contains the openings of the urethral glands. Surrounding the mucosa is a lamina propria containing many elastic fibers and blood vessels, outside of which is an indefinite muscular layer. See: penis; illustration

urethra muliebris

The female urethra.

urethra virilis

The male urethra.
urethral (u-re'thral), adjective
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Pertaining to the URETHRA.
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This study of botulinum toxin in a neurogenic-bladder rat model will determine the best isoform of botulinum toxin to use in treating bladder and urethral muscle dysfunction.
May enhance responsiveness of urethral muscle to alpha-adrenergic stimulation.
At the American Urological Association meeting in May, European researchers announced that they had successfully used patients' own stem cells to repair damaged urethral muscles. Although the results are still preliminary, the technique looks very promising.
This will stabilize overactive muscles and stimulate contraction of urethral muscles. Electrical stimulation can be used to reduce both stress incontinence and urge incontinence.