urethral dilation

u·re·thral di·la·tion

increasing the caliber of the urethra by passage of a dilator.
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When treating HAUS, endoscopic treatments offer little chance of durable benefit given that urethral dilation and urethrotomy typically have poor success in penile strictures or strictures over 2cm in length, which hypospadias strictures frequently are.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Antegrade VCUG via the suprapubic catheter after surgery for bladder rupture; full-length urethral dilation is evident up to point of obstruction (black arrow).
Surgical correction of urethral dilation in an intersex goat.
Urethral stenosis can arise as a result of scar tissue that has been caused by urethral catheterization or instrumentation, such as cystoscopy or urethral dilation, inflammation, infection or urethral injury (6).
They also describe anatomy; an at-home pelvic floor muscle exercise program, with photos of exercises; additional conservative treatments, such as medication, acupuncture, pelvic floor retraining, behavior and diet modifications and weight management, percutaneous nerve stimulation, urethral dilation, and vaginal pessaries; and surgical solutions.
Prevention of urethral stricture formation after transurethral resection of the prostate: a controlled randomized study of Otis urethrotomy versus urethral dilation and the use of the polytetrafluoroethylene coated versus the uninsulated metal sheath.
For bladder or urethral erosion, avoid urethral dilation, which can loosen the sling, but which also places the sling closer to the urethra thereby increasing the potential for more erosion, Dr.
He had a 10-year history of vesiculobullous lesions of the scalp and trunk and a 5-year history of recurrent epistaxis and nasal obstruction following surgery for acquired urethral dilation.
In these instances, a pediatric urologist is consulted, and catheterization is completed using endoscopic guidance, urethral dilation, and adequate local anesthesia or systemic sedation.
There are several new drugs, together with urethral dilation, that are effective in most cases over an extended period of time.
(26) proposed a urethral dilation protocol, 10 days following endoscopic visual urethrotomy, and to be used frequently in the early weeks, to help prevent scar tissue development and decrease the rate of stricture recurrence, with a resulting 10% recurrent stricture versus 55% for cases not subjected for post-operative dilation.