urethral caruncle

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a small fleshy eminence, often abnormal.
hymenal c's small elevations of mucous membrane around the vaginal opening, being relics of the ruptured hymen; called also myrtiform caruncles.
lacrimal caruncle the red eminence at the medial angle of the eye.
myrtiform c's hymenal caruncles.
sublingual caruncle an eminence on either side of the frenulum of the tongue (frenulum linguae), on which the major duct of the sublingual gland and the duct of the submandibular gland open.
urethral caruncle a small, polyploid, red growth on the mucous membrane of the female urinary meatus, sometimes causing difficulty in urination.

u·re·thral ca·run·cle

a small, fleshy, sometimes painful protrusion of the epithelium at the meatus of the female urethra; it may be telangiectatic, papillomatous, or composed of granulation tissue.

urethral caruncle

Etymology: Gk, ourethra + L, caruncula, small piece of flesh
a small, painful growth in the mucous membrane of the female urethral meatus. It may be a source of bleeding.

urethral caruncle

A small, red, papillary growth that is highly vascular and is sometimes found in the urinary meatus in females. It is characterized by pain on urination and is very sensitive to friction.
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Urethral caruncle with atypical stromal cells lymphoma or sarcoma - a distinctive pseudoneoplastic lesion of females.
A case of intraepithelial squamous cell carcinoma arising from urethral caruncle.
4% of all patients with a preoperative diagnosis of urethral caruncle were found to have either carcinoma (1.
However, malignant carcinoma arising from the urethral caruncle or urethral carcinoma resembling a caruncle has only rarely been reported.
Urethral adenocarcinoma mimicking urethral caruncle.