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Vulva and urethras were not damaged or bleeding during the urethral catheterization, and we could implement urine testing, urine flow dynamic monitoring, and dynamic observation of the urine weight, proportion, or color at any time according to our needs.
Potential adverse events associated with urethral bulking agents include transient urinary retention, hematuria, de novo urgency incontinence, bulking agent extrusion, immune reaction, and rare granuloma formation.
A clinical history of the patient revealed that he had undergone TUR-P for benign prostatic hyperplasia one year prior to admission and internal urethrotomy for a urethral stricture three months before.
PUC is a urethral lesion that can occur in children and young adults and there is limited number of case reports in the literature about this condition.
Patient was diagnosed as a case of urethral injury and surgery was planned.
Conclusion: In our study the excellent results of the penile skin flap both in anterior urethral strictures and combined anterior and bulbar urethral strictures are quite encouraging.
Based upon the Abrams-Griffiths nomogram, Abrams and Griffiths [5] and Lim and Abrams [6] introduced the Abrams-Griffiths (AG) number for quantifying the urethral resistance.
Key Words: Sonourethrography (SUG), Retrograde urethrography (RUG), Urethral stricture, Spongiofibrosis.
Five patients suffered from mild tingling or burning sensation upon dressing at the urethral orifice, and most cases felt similarly after being illuminated for five minutes, suggesting that they tolerated the combined therapy well.
KEY WORDS: Urethra; Stricture; Urethral Stricture; Urethrotomy; Optical Internal Urethrotomy; Clean Intermittent Self Catheterization.
Following the determination of OMI, individual slide of different segments was examined under microscope at 10 objectives, and measured the diameter of urethral lumen.
Urethral hydropulsion followed by cystotomy can be adopted to remove large cystic calculi and small urethral calculi (Blount, 1931).