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Relating to the urethra.
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(u-re'thra) [Gr. ourethra]
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The tube for the discharge of urine extending from the bladder to the outside. In females, its orifice lies in the vestibule between the vagina and clitoris; in males, the urethra passes through the prostate gland and the penis, opening at the tip of the glans penis. In males, it serves as the passage for semen as well as urine. Its lining, the mucosa, is thrown into folds and contains the openings of the urethral glands. Surrounding the mucosa is a lamina propria containing many elastic fibers and blood vessels, outside of which is an indefinite muscular layer. See: penis; illustration

urethra muliebris

The female urethra.

urethra virilis

The male urethra.
urethral (u-re'thral), adjective
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Pertaining to the URETHRA.
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After appropriate positioning under anesthesia, patients in group A (36 patients, experimental group) received preoperative urethral dilatation from 18 Fr to 28 Fr with an Otis urethrotome (Figure 1); patients in group B (36 patients, control group) did not received preoperative urethral dilatation.
After routine physical examination, cystourethroscopy was performed with the pre-diagnosis of urethral caruncle.
Previously the only available treatment for such conditions was to dilate the urethra with sounds while the currently available management of such strictures include surgical procedures like urethral dilatation with sounds, internal optical urethrotomy (IOU), permanent urethral stents and open reconstructive surgery5.
The mass was easily separated from the structures surrounding the anterior urethral wall using electrocautery.
Conclusion: We found pericatheter urethrogram is not mandatory as a routine for all tension free anastomotic Urethroplasty before per urethral catheter removal.
It revealed prominent mucosa at the urethral meatus with continuous oozing of blood.
The urethral catheter balloon was actually lying free in the pelvis outside of the bladder.